Pugnacious George and our friends at The Tailored Watch are giving away a one of a kind, military issue Benrus. To enter you must sign up via Facebook  or Twitter

"This watch, made by Benrus, is a real piece of 20th century history. It was made for the American military in March 1969, in the last years of the Vietnam war. This style of watch is often called a Hack watch, because when the time is set the second hand stops running. This allows the wearers to synchronise watches (as can be seen in any black and white war movie) as to the second timing is obviously fairly important in a war zone. These watches also had to be robust, legible, have a luminous dial and also display the time in military (24 hour) time.

This particular example has a dial in excellent condition. The case has all the appropriate military serial numbers and markings and gracefully shows it's 40 years of" history.



08 May 2013
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