Are boxers or briefs best? This is a question, which will no doubt plague mankind for centuries. The biggest difference between the two is that boxers allow your John Thomas to hang free, while briefs offer more support (much in the same way that a bra cups a woman’s bosom). But is this support required? Or should your testis hang like large fuzzy dice from a car's rear view mirrors.

As most men know, the testes are designed to function at a lower temperature than that of the body (about one to two degrees). One could therefore come to the conclusion that briefs could be detrimental to their function and well-being. This assumption was refuted in a study by R. Munkelwitz and B.R Gilbert (‘Are boxer shorts really better? A critical analysis of the role of underwear type in male sub fertility’, which found that the

“Differential temperatures comparing core to scrotal temperature and semen parameters were not significantly different… It is therefore unlikely that underwear type has a significant effect on male fertility”

The next obvious question that needs attention is which looks better?

Briefs reveal ones package more so than its counterpart, however does this make them more attractive? It must be noted that men’s fashion unlike females has never sought to draw attention to one’s assets. Perhaps then the boxer short is more preferable to the opposite sex as it does leave more to the imagination? As the old saying goes “Men are visual creatures, while woman are cerebral”

At the end of the day, there is no real answer to this question. It is totally a personal preference, however we suggest this rule to live by

“If there was a fire in the night, which, would you prefer to run outside in?”

The Swedish designed 100% organic cotton briefs in both long legged (The Willow) and short legged (The Elm)? Or the over engineered 100% cotton boxer shorts made by Pugnacious George called the Cassius.

15 March 2012
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