Back in the Victorian era, flowers were a way to tell someone "Hey I think you're really cute." each bloom had a meaning and hidden message sent from an admirer to indicate their intensions. These days we give flowers that we pick up from the supermarket, from a florist simply based on convenience, instead of intent. So why give your special someone generic flowers this Valentines Day? George has compiled a little list to help you create a floral gift inspired by the great visionaries of romance the Victorians.

Anemones - Anticipation

Thought to bring luck and protect you from harm, anemones are associated with anticipation and excitement. Be the knight in shining armour with a bunch of these at the doorstep.

Gardenia- Secret love

Secretly in love with your friend or co-worker? Even though they’ll likely remain clueless until you say it with words, tell them in secret by giving him a little potted gardenia. The scent alone will make them swoon.

Orange Blossom - Fertility

Now this one George recommends for the long-term relationships. If you’re special someone looks like the partner into your future when its wrinkles and dentures this is a great present to invest in. Best in a potted plant the beautiful little buds of the orange will remind them of your gift each season.

Daffodils - New beginnings

Synonymous with spring, daffodils are a sign of regeneration and starting anew. They're naturally sunny disposition is a nice way for lovers that have lost their way to say "let's start over'.

Jasmine - Sensuality


Undeniably the most unruly yet feminine flower, the unruly nature of the jasmine makes it hard to tame but a bunch of wild jasmine foraged at night from backyard fences alone is straight up sexy.


So why not skip the roses this year and think outside the square and pick a bunch of flowers that will speak from the heart. If you do run out of time try a simple bunch of ranunculus or equally wild field flowers as an opposed to hot house blooms. Under no circumstances should you purchase plastic sleeved garish gerberas, the only message you will be sending with these is that you have not moved on from the 90's and you are hopelessly lost.

07 February 2014
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