Once a moon, gentlemen must find a sharp cut and a close shave in order to present themselves to the world. Sadly, this ritual cannot often be accomplished without frequenting boutiques haunted with gossip magazines and the stench of nail polish remover. Now, males need suffer no longer as traditional barbers are back in business. So for the gentlemen of Melbourne, here are three fine barber shops to find some sharp cuts.

Rockit Barber

Shop Working men in the city should spend a lunch break in Rockit Barber Shop, the fine establishment tucked away in the Art Deco lobby of the McPhersons building on Collins Street. Rockit puts an urban angle on the traditional barber shop, offering fashion cuts, shaved designs, quiffs and flat tops. Always entertaining, Rockit also boasts international sports on plasma screens, a collection of bobble-heads, vintage Star Wars memorabilia and the barber’s instruments of a bygone era. Whether businessman, hipster or jock, check into Rockit and put your name on the chalkboard for a haircut, a beer and an anecdote.

Shop 15, Lobby 546 Collins Street

03 9629 1099



Lords of the North Barber Shop

Gentlemen uptown should hit the emerging High Street of Thornbury and find the Lords of the North Barber Shop for plenty of mid-modernist chic, complimentary drinks and no-nonsense quiffs. Lords are especially fine with a cut-throat razor, though one can’t but help notice the art on the wall depicting a certain moment from Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs… you know the scene where Mr Blonde cuts some dude’s ear off. Anyway, sufficed to say, that neither the fades nor shaves offered at Lords results in a severed appendage, just a sharp cut. Take note, there also may or may not be a resident cockatiel with a mohawk.

895 High St, Thornbury

03 9484 9639



Royal Crown Barber

East of Eden, on Glenferrie Road is Royal Crown Barbers, offering a perfect balance of pragmatism and style for all ages without the froth and fuss of a pretentious boutique. Royal Crown embodies an ethos of serious hairdressing, hailing from an era where barbers apprenticed for years before taking blades to a gentleman’s locks. While phoning ahead may prove necessary on the day, there’s always Coke in the bar fridge, a jazz soundtrack and plenty of pop culture objet da while you wait.

630 Glenferrie Rd,


03 9819 6359

26 August 2013
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