There’s something to be said about a man rocking a pink shirt. I find they often have an air of confidence and a dash of panache in the way they dress. But what does a pink shirt really say about you? According to a recent study (commissioned by Cotton USA) men who wear pink typically earn $1,500 more per year than those who don’t. These men were also found to be twice as likely to have a Master’s degree and typically received more compliments from their female counterparts. The study also went on to say that men who wear white shirts tend to be more punctual than those that don't and those who often wear blue tend to have more office affairs (tut, tut Frank).

So next time you're getting hassled for wearing pink, just have a little chuckle to yourself, because you’re making more money, you're smarter and you get more double takes than they do.

Still not sure about pink? Then why not give one of these looks a try? 




18 March 2013
Shirt Tales
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