Pugnacious George (or George as his friends at the office call him) is a modern day gentleman, an individual with discerning taste, good manners and great style. He enjoys a neat whiskey, vintage watches, fabulous women and a bloody steak. Already having based a series of shirts around some of his favourite cocktails, George’s new collection of ties is based around his home town of Melbourne, and is very much  a homage to his favourite laneway bars and eateries.

Each tie in “The Laneway” collection has a story to tell. Presgrave (2) a distinguished navy and black striped tie is representative of George’s favourite standing room only bar “Bar Americano” where one can sip prohibition era classics such as a the Chicago Fizz, a Mammy Taylor or and of course the classic Americano. Next in George’s collection comes Hosier (1), a handsome silver and red stripe combination captures the mood of Melbourne’s penultimate graffiti laneways where artists such have Banksy have graced the lane ways walls. Crossley (5) a classic laneway that has been relatively untouched for the past 50 years is matched perfectly with a dark crimson textured pattern that is sure to stand the test of time. Rankins (3) a crisp grey and white stripe, with a smooth wool/silk blend is inspired by cold mornings and hot coffees at Brother Baba Budan. Meyers (6) a classic navy with white spot combination at this default night spot. Bennetts (6) a handsome steel blue and white stripe tie made from 100% cotton, befit for the coolness that is Bennetts Lane Jazz Club.

We recommend a four-in-hand knot... Oh and by the way, our ties are executive skinny, not hipster skinny. 

10 August 2012
Pugnacious George
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