His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Charles is in the country, and for Pugnacious George is one of the most stylish men to ever walk the earth. We have a look at the suits and the shoes that make the man, and discuss how his ability to wear clothing 40 + years on make him the style icon he is today.

The old cliché about style says “Fashion comes and goes, while style stays”. This is true of  Charles, whose undying commitment to beautifully crafted  handmade pieces has given him somewhat of a style legacy, allowing him to wear clothes produced 40 years prior. Charle's clothes never go out of fashion because they were never in fashion - they're above that. An example of this is Charles’s' shoes, painstakingly made by the master crafts(wo)men by Lobb in St. James Street London. Costing a modest £2,500 to produce the excellent craftsmanship of Charles's' shoes has enabled him to wear some pairs for over 40 years.


Unlike your average pair of shoes Lobb are bespoke, meaning they are specifically made for you. You don’t just throw a pair of these out when they are old, you look after them, you repair them and then you wear them to your own funeral. It isn’t just Charles’s shoes that are worn decades after purchase, but also his suits.

Made by Anderson & Sheppard on Old Burlington Street in London, HRH prefers double breasted jackets with simple jetted pockets made from lightweight clothes from British mills and tweeds sourced from Scotland. In 2005 Charles wore a suit made by the master tailors (13 years earlier) to his wedding, and without fail Charles is often spotted wearing a double breasted Anderson & Sheppard overcoat, made from herringbone tweed with patch pockets that dates back to around 1987.

(Getty Images via GQ UK )

You see, it is this commitment to sustainability that has helped Charles's style consistency. Look at his clothing choices in the 1970s and 80s, home to some of the most questionable fashion choices, and you will see Charles looking as dapper and elegant as ever. Charles has never cared about fashion - he has followed tradition and dressed appropriately for his his role. He never attempts to arouse attention through garish colours and cuts, but instead chooses to wear subtle timeless pieces that suit perfectly for his title. His style is classic, occasion-appropriate and his attention to detail, allows for a little flare and individuality to shine through. If you can take one thing away from the way that Charles dresses it's that by having clothes made to fit and then maintaining and repairing them as you go, you are able to rotate your wardrobe such that the way, that the way you dress will become as timeless as that of Charles.

07 November 2012
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