Heading off for a summer holiday? we have all the tips for packing like a pro so you won’t be dragging a bulging wheeled suitcase through the sand, Pack light, pack sensibly and pack with style.

Fabrics - Cotton, linen and bamboo - let natural fabrics be your mantra. Heading off to the beach or to sweltering climates with poly-blends will equal a perspiration nightmare. Natural fabrics not only pack better saving you room in your bag but they will make the difference between staying cool and calm as opposed to hot and bothered. For the evenings or in case of a cool change pack a light cashmere cardigan or sweater to keep the chill at bay.

Double up- Versatility is the key to packing light. ensure that all your items compliment each other the best way to do this is to stick to neutrals with a few print pieces to break up the look. we suggest packing a pair of light navy chinos that can be cuffed for day time and dressed up for cocktail hour. Like wise a fun pair of swimming shorts (slim fit and cut at mid thigh) can double up as daytime shorts - with the bonus of being quick drying these are easily laundered.

Toiletries - You're on holiday so let the facial hair go! essentials to pack are deodorants, cologne, toothbrush, comb, face wash, sunscreen and tropical strength bug repellent. You can always pick up extras at a local drugstore or through your hotel. Also remember that aviation security laws mean that you can only take 100 ml liquids on board so look out for brands that do specific travel kits.

Accessories - Minimise. a simple watch, a hat for sun protection, a good book and some sweet shades are all you should be taking with you.

Footwear - less is more here, these are the bulkiest part of your luggage so we suggest you pack one pair of light canvas sneakers and one pair of flip flops. While travelling a wear sturdy pair of loafers or boat shoes will double as dress shoes for drinks and dinners.



 In George's Travel bag - 1) Salty Dog Shirt   2) Cashmere grey v-neck sweater  3) basic t-shirts   4) Navy Chinos  5) swimming shorts  6) penguin classic - clockwork orange 7) Jimmy Choo boat shoes  8) Fred Perry canvas sneakers  9) Ray ban aviators  10) Haviana flip flops  11) Swatch watch silverish irony chrono  12) White Brief "Elm'  13) Imperial barber bergamont aftershave  14) Chiefs energizing face wash  15) Aesop jet set pack  16) River island canvas leather bag.

Travel Tips:

  • Roll instead of fold - this will give you more space in your bag and leave your items with fewer creases on arrival
  • Check the weather forecast before you leave, and pack accordingly.
  • Unpack as soon as you arrive, it will take ten minutes but save you time later with minimising ironing and cleaning.
  • Be mindful of contextual shopping, for example bintang singlets, thai fisherman pants and shell/bone necklaces.
  • Get your clothing laundered at the hotel; before you leave. the worst part of coming back from holidays is unpacking, if you clothes are already washed and pressed they can simply go straight back into your wardrobe.
11 December 2013
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