Imperial Barber is a new range of hair products being made straight out of the States, and as they put it "have been made to work". Collectively they have 26 years behind the chair and a thorough understanding of men's grooming.

We sat down and had a chat to them about their range of hair products, (which by the way are now available in our new GROOMING section).

 First of all, introduce yourself and tell us how long you have been barbers and how did you get into it

- Pedro Zermeno, 21 years behind the chair in traditional men’s grooming/barbering.

Worked in NYC, LA, London. Owned 3 barbershops along the way.

- Scott Serrata, 6 years in traditional men’s grooming/barbering

Worked mostly in LA and is co-owner with Pedro of a barbershop in Long Beach, CA.

- Bryan Fisher, 16 years experience not in barbering, but in art direction and branding.

We have all known and been best friends with Pedro since we were 14 year old punk rockers.

What made you start Imperial?

We’ve all been consistently fed up with harmful wax and petroleum based finishing products. And/or simply stuff that didn’t work as we wanted. We wanted an authentic, barber created product line. It’s as simple as that.

What is it about Imperial Barber products that make them so much better to other men’s hair care products?

Performance of product that will surpass anything on the market. We use natural and cosmetic grade ingredients that are all water-based and have the brand integrity to match. We’re real barbers making product for real guys. Not salon-fussy gents, but real men. Blue collar, white collar or no collar, we’ve got you covered. 

What in your opinion is the worst hair style that you see men rock?

Faux Hawk. Not doubt about it, no one over the age of nine should have hair like that.

A man should look like a man, not a silly school boy.  Beckham can pull it off though, ha.

(He doesn’t look that manly though does he?) - George

What should men do to maintain their hair?

Always use Imperial water-based finishing products. Get a cut every 2-3 weeks. Keep the neck and over the ear clean, always. Clean hair every couple days with a sulphate free shampoo (such as Imperial’s 3-n-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, coming Nov 2012) 

If we came into Imperial today and asked for the full treatment what could we expect?

Cold beer, hot towel, straight razor shave, nice cut. Simple, no attitude. That’s all most guys really need or want.

A few quick questions

Neat or on ice?  

Rocks. The jingle of the ice in glass can gets the ladies going in some Pavlovian way. 

Button up or down?

Depends on the amount of jingle in the glass.

Tie or no tie?

See above.

Classic or matte? 

Classic. Keep it tight.

Any last words?

Thanks for supporting a traditional American men’s grooming line.

We can’t wait to come down there and visit, cheers! 

16 May 2012
Imperial Barber
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