We know, we know, pocket squares play a contested role in a man’s wardrobe. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Pocket squares are back in a big way, just ask Kanye West or Tom Ford . The pocket square can be a man’s sartorial best friend, Robin to your Batman or Friar Tuck to your inner Robin Hood. Somewhere in the last decade pocket squares lost their status as one of man’s best accessories. Let’s face it we can’t afford to lose many more. So don’t be afraid, we’re here to guide you through.

The pocket square is only a little thing but it can really make an outfit. Just like a fine watch or buffed pair of Oxfords. Whether you prefer pure silk, linen or cotton, the varieties are endless and there are many different styles you can try out (look them up). Like any good partner in crime, they’re also versatile. They can give your tuxedo that extra polish with a creamy white silk square or add a hint of panache with one tucked inside a denim-blazer ensemble for off-work style. The many variations allow you to mix and match any colour palette. There is only one cardinal rule (or sin), never, and we repeat never, match your pocket square to your tie. If you’re stuck, find one which contains a colour also found in your tie or a different shade of that colour and you’ll be fine. The key is to experiment a little. Stuff it in your pocket for flair or insert a carefully folded starched linen square to lend you that Don Draper air of control. Like cufflinks and your watch, the pocket square is one of the few ways you can hint at your personality without frightening your co-workers so give it some thought.

21 July 2011
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