You asked for it, and now it’s finally here – IMPERIAL BARBER’S FIBER POMADE. The newest addition to our Imperial Barber range, arriving just this week.

We gave Pete a tub of it to test over the weekend and tell us what he thought.

I’ve always found the Matte pomade to be not quite strong enough for me (especially since I live on a really windy street), and the classic pomade was a little bit to strong – making my hair too stiff!

The Fiber Pomade is quite different to the Matte and Classic. At first I wasn’t sure about it because of its gummy feel to it (quite different to the Matte and Classic), however it combed through my hair with a nice soft feel. Although I didn’t think it would, the Fiber Pomade lasted throughout the day – so much so that I did my hair in the morning, dj’d that night and it was still pretty much in place in the early hours of the morning.

After using it all weekend, I found my favourite way to apply it was by mixing it with matte and using it more as a finishing product – drying my hair, applying a little bit of the matte to style and then adding the Fiber for a little bit more hold and sheen.

The Fiber pomade is a really versatile product. If you apply a lot it has a really strong hold (comparable to the classic) and if you only use a little gives a nice amount of texture. Like the rest of the Imperial Barber range this stuff is really good, it has a nice smell, does with it says and washes out easily.

11 April 2013
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