One of the most prodigious and infamous of golfers, Arnold ‘The King’ Palmer took the popularity of the sport to an unprecedented level with his affable charm and near obscene winning streaks.  Winning seven major championships including The Masters, The American Open and the British Open Championship, plus over 29 PGA tours in four-seasons alone, the man is legend. Long before Greg Norman or Tiger Woods came to dominate the sport, Palmer was breaking ground for American golfers with trips to Scotland to try his hand at British golf and subsequently encouraging a new wave of international American golfers and appearing on televised competitions.  Did we mention the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Palmer was known as a man of style and affability. Cool and slightly roguish in appearance, this isn’t your average Gillette-hawking golfer. Handsome but still a man’s man, Palmer exuded charm on and off the green by keeping his colours clean and classic, his chinos pressed and his argyle knits muted. Perhaps one of the key players in marketing golf to a new generation and re-energising its’ appeal through setting up new tournaments like the Arnold Palmer Invitational and helping to negotiate the first ever gold course in China, it’s no wonder then that Pugnacious George has decided to name our latest polo in honour of this wonder sportsman. When you’ve been in over 50 US Master’s tournaments, we might give you a Polo too but for the time being we think you’ll love ours, on and off the green. A sure-fired winner just like Palmer, our polo is an essential wardrobe piece in classic navy which will hold you in good stead for years to come.

03 December 2011
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