“To be independent means to write your story everyday” – Lapo Elkann

Hailing form Neapolitan aristocracy, Lapo Elkann has a list of famous and influential style makers in his linage. Grandson to Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli, fashion and fast cars have been at the forefront of Lapo’s life. It’s Lapo’s ability to maintain an excessive playboy lifestyle, the likes of what have not been seen in since the 1980’s (the tabloids lapped up the incident in which he was found in a cocaine induced coma with a roomful of questionable ladies of the evening) while remaining as one of the business world’s most influential tastemakers.

This split personality is what lends to his personal style, which has drawn attention the world over. The ability to take a double breasted classic white suit and team it with a beanie or a perfectly tailored sky blue suit with zebra pony skin loafers adds a sense of fun and spontaneity in his style that has made him a favourite character of the sartorial set.

Style Notes

Hair wearing it short and slicked super curly Lapo’s look is often complemented perfectly with the way in which he styles his do.

Sunglasses as the director of Independent Italia there is no end to the sunglasses that Lapo is often seen sporting. From classic wayfarers, to orange tinted oval glasses and more recently flocked wraparound black carbon fibre glasses they form a mainstay of his style.

Scarves, pocket squares and ties – printed, knitted, block coloured, over the top and classic.

Shoes – with penchant for the velvet loafer Lapo seems to have a myriad of coloured and tasselled variations. He also favours alligator skin motorcycle boots and leather Lanvin sneakers sometimes mixing the pairs.

Clothing – Lapo maintains a fresh look with endless combinations of tailored suits, printed pants, shirts and most adventurously using all over block colour.

Hats – Straw, knitted beanies, fedora’s and even a purple Willy Wonka style hat has seen an appearance on the red carpet.

02 October 2013
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