Hipsters are the counter culture of today. Disliked by the mainstream and born in a digital age, hipster culture is less concerned with being subversive and more with a self-perpetuating search for obscure coolness. You can find hipsters digging through op-shops for ironic t-shirts, looking for the latest band so they can brag, “I liked them before they were cool” and telling the world what they had for breakfast through their favourite micro-blogging website.

For a bit of fun we scoured the Internet (where hipsters go to find the latest bands), to determine what the most common characteristics of a hipster are.

10 Ways to tell if you are a hipster

1. You hate hipsters

2. You get offended when someone calls you a hipster

3. You’re vegan, gluten/lactose/fructose intolerant, and or only eat organic foods

4. You wear non prescription glasses

5. You wear colours that are normally reserved for five year olds and clowns.

6. You say you bought your new jacket from an op shop for $5 but in actual fact you bought it from Urban Outfitters for $250

7. You vomit a little in your mouth when you think about owning anything bu ant Apple made product. Yet at the same time hate major corporations.

8. You own a fixie. End of story.

9. You liked *[insert band, artist, clothing, documentary, website] before it was popular

10. Your favourite band is Arcade Fire

10 Ways to tell you are not a hipster

1. You hate hipsters

2. You get offended when someone calls you a hipster

3. You’d prefer to eat cardboard than eat gluten-free

4. You wear glasses because you’’re legally blind.

5. Your jeans aren’t skinnier than your girlfriends

6. The only reason you ever go into an op shop is to give your clothes away

7. You own a PC and an Android or Blackberry

8. You own a bike with gears and drive a people mover and/or 4WD.

9. Your favourite radio station plays all the hits

10. You don’t know who Arcade Fire is

22 March 2012
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