The Tailored Watch is a service run by Felix Scholz and is "somewhere between a personal shopper and a consultant, dealing exclusively in watches (and anything watch related)." Scholz through consultation and discussion will determine what you are looking for in a watch and provide you with a range of options that meet your criteria. He will work with you to narrow down those options, assist you in purchasing the watch that best suits your needs and of course your budget, all for a very small fee. In this article we see Felix go on the hunt for the perfect time piece for George.

A watch for George needs to be something a little left of centre; stylish, classic and understated. Definitely a mechanical watch - something that tells the time with springs and cogs, a watch that relies on its owner to wind and wear it to function. Such a personal interaction with your watch gives you a much greater respect for time than a battery and a few circuits can ever manage. I think George would also appreciate a watch that isn't seen on the wrist of every other Tom, Dick or Harry.

I know that George has a stated love of vintage watches, but I've whacked a few modern pieces in the mix as well. Vintage has been a big trend of the last few years in the world of watches, so now is a great time to buy a brand spanking timepiece with all the good looks of a watch from the 40s or 50s, without the premium price or potentially tricky mechanics. 

So without further ado here are 5 watches for Pugnacious George. 

Archimede Flieger


One of the greatest things about the world of watches is the proliferation of small, niche watch brands that sell only on the internet. One of the best out there is Archimede - a German brand renowned for top quality watches that don't cost an arm and a leg. They make an excellent 'Flieger' watch; a design based on the watches worn by Pilot's in WWII. Of all of their watches I'd pick the 'Historic' model, with a clean dial free of text and 'blued' steel hands. You can pick one of these babies up from around 500 bucks.
Nomos Orion
The Orion is another watch from Germany, this time from boutique brand Nomos. Nomos are a really great company that makes all their watches in house (which in watch-geek talk is referred to as a 'manufacture' watch). The Orion is a slim, refined dressy watch - one which clearly illustrates the minimalist bauhaus aesthetic that is present in all of Nomos' watches. This beautiful watch represents incredible value for money at around $1500. 
Omega Speedmaster
Omega make a tone of watches, and are one of the best known luxury watch brands in Australia. But for me Omega will always be synonymous with one watch; The Omega Speedmaster AKA the Moonwatch. In 1961, at the height of the space race NASA bought a bunch of watches from a jewellery shop in Texas and subjected them to rigourous tests, to determine suitability for use in space. The watch that passed most successfully was the Omega Speedmaster, and in 1969 it was the first watch on the moon. Omega has been smart enough not to mess with the good looks of this classic model, and they still produce it today. However I'd definitely go for a vintage option, preferably with a few decades of gentle patina. Expect to pay from $3500 for a decent vintage example.
Rolex 5513
Think of expensive watches and you think of Rolex. They are one of the world's most well respected and recognisable luxury brands, seen on the wrists of CEOs, rappers and aspiring dictators the world over.  for the last 80 years the Swiss brand has dominated the world of watches, and for many the Submariner is the quintessential Rolex. The Submariner is a true icon of modern design; originally designed in the 1950s for deep sea divers can boast a number of technical innovations and, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the sub should be very flattered indeed. Vintage submariners are also incredibly popular with collectors; with rare and early versions (such as the model Sean Connery wore as James Bond) commanding serious premiums. For George I'd suggest an 'entry level' vintage sub; the classic Rolex 5513, a no date watch that looks absolutely stunning with faded bezel and lume and acrylic crystal. You're looking at $6000 plus for one of these, and it's important to remember that when it comes to vintage, condition is king, so buy the most original example you can find and afford.
Patek Calatrava
Uber exclusive Swiss house of Patek Phillipe have been making some of the world’s most refined and coveted watches for the last 170 odd years. They are the watches of kings, aristocrats and tycoons - Jay Gatsby would wear a Patek. Their Calatrava collection are simple watches; simple, but perfect in every way. If you're looking for an elegant dressy watch - a Calatrava is the watch to aspire too. Quality doesn't come cheap, with vintage options starting around $8000 and going up quickly. If you like this look, but not the price tag don't be too disheartened; many brands have interpreted this refined timepiece. 


18 July 2012
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