When I first meet Christian he is dressed in a black jacket with peaked lapels, crisp white shirt, brown knitted tie and a rather smart green flower lapel pin - immediately, I was taken back by how well he was dressed. Having cut his teeth in London’s Savile Row, Christian’s style has an air of eccentric billionaire about it – playful yet completely considered. Citing his father as a main source of inspiration, it’s easy to see how his style translates into his first line of shoes, featuring suede tassel loafers and chukka boots.

 “Growing up I was always obsessed with clothes, I learned from my father, who always wore beautiful navy suits and horse bit loafers. Watching how he dressed and held himself really influenced who I am today.”

Spending the best part of four years working on the Christian Kimber brand, it wasn’t until his move to Melbourne that he felt as if he was ready to release his range of “casual footwear with a nerotic twist” – the perfect description we think.

“I have been working on launching the brand for about 4 years, and when I moved to Melbourne I really felt I had found the perfect market. The shoes are made in a factory in the South East of Spain, with each pair comprising over 200 hand-to-hand processes. All of my shoes are Goodyear welted with Spanish suedes, and a soft insole to make them feel like sneakers.”

The price point of Christian’s shoes reflect the level of detail put into their design, as well as, their labour intensive construction. The end result however is a manifestation of the man himself, highlighting craftsmanship, quality and timeless style. When asked what advice he has for the younger generation wanting to craft their style and wardrobe, Christian is quick to highlight a slow, steady build based around quality, not quantity.

"Start slowly, it's not a race to have everything at once. Buy quality, and you will get much more use out of it. I used to have clients in London who have had welted shoes for 20 years, and bring them back for a resole and polish, and they look brand new again."

And if that all wasn’t enough, Christian plans to release a range of sneakers come 2014.

Christian Kimber Footwear is available online and in Melbourne from Beggar Man Thief and certain Henry Bucks stores. All shoes are also available made-to-order - If you would like to place an order, contact them here.

18 April 2013
Christian Kimber
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