Hi George,

I’ve always come to you for style advice.  Can you help me out again. I just got the Copenhagen suit from (can’t say enough about them!).

I am attending a Greek Orthodox wedding, the wedding is an afternoon ceremony with a evening reception to follow at a inner city venue. Do you think I should run with the Palmer polo underneath, or go a little more dressy, if so what?Also any idea on shoes?

Cheers,  Alex H.


Hello Alex,

Thank you for placing your trust in George for your styling query. As much as we love the look of the Palmer polo under a fantastic linen suit, for an indoor wedding in the city we think its best to keep it elegant and simple with a classic slim fit white shirt. As you wish to keep the tone relaxed we suggest leaving  top button undone and accessorize with a graphic pocket square for an added flourish.

In terms of shoes brown leather shoes are our pick with a pair of classic wing tip brogues or a simple tan leather derby shoe for cutting up the rug later on at the reception. Pair with some colourful socks for a little under ankle flair or go the European route with no socks.  For the look to be finished off with perfectly groomed hair, a classic watch and a pair of fantastic sunglasses, but these are never to be placed upon ones head instead when not in use neatly tuck them into your pocket.

Thank you for your question and we hope that we have been a help to you.

Cheers, George.


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09 September 2013
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