The bow tie is probably the most divisive item in a gentleman’s wardrobe with the possible exception of Speedos. At once disarmingly debonair and slightly subversive, the bow tie has, over time, become a distinguished form of neckwear and is practically the only option for the businessman who doesn’t like the standard neck-tie, musos who want to dress it up without looking like their fathers and the hip twenty-something crowd. Some say it is a niche product, others insist it is a mark of sophistication and style. George is nevertheless a big fan and when the likes of Winston Churchill, Don Draper and Michael Caine are seen wearing them, can you blame us?

The only real difficulty with a bow tie, is tying it. Never, ever succumb to the temptation to buy a clip-on bow tie. The reason for this is simple; people will confuse you for the waiter. It’s a tiny detail but important and people can tell. If you  have a willing spouse or friend to tie it, well done, if not, learn. Remember when you first went to school and couldn’t tie your school tie but now you can do it blindfolded? The same applies to the bow tie and practice makes perfect. Also, there is something very suave about wearing your bow tie undone after the night’s revelry and it speaks volumes about the wearer’s style.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some final points. You can’t drop food on it, you will stand out (for the good) and there are just as many styles and patterns as everyday ties. Today, when seemingly unrelated men of style such as Kanye West and Vogue’s Editor-At-Large Hamish Bowles, are regularly seen sporting bow ties, it has to be said that bow-ties are certainly coming back in and George expects its’ readers to be at the head of the pack. We say, be brave and be bold! It will pay dividends at the end.

Pugnacious George's Bow Tie is hand made in Melbourne and perfect for the romantic non-conformist.

04 November 2011
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