Vaughan Blakey left his high school behind, eel-infested moat and all, to get an early start in the magazine business. As an office junior at Tracks Magazine, he learned the ropes of magazine production that would come in handy as the editor of the preferred reading material of surfers from coast to Australian coast, Surfing World.

When wee little 10-year-old Vaughan received his first surf board from Dad,  he was stoked to say the least. And when he left it at the beach and it drifted away, he cried for days. He hasn’t faltered in his love of the board, travelling the world to surf new waves (although he wouldn’t recommend surfing in the Hudson River in New York because in his experience, it smells of dead bodies).

One day he may master peeling a banana with his feet, but in the meantime, he’s thrilled to be occupied with raising his two kids, drawing pictures of his friends’ heads and writing accompanying stories, playing music with the Goons of Doom and creating a kick-ass edition of Surfing World every month.

1. Why should people read Surfing World?
Surfing World is the coolest mag that people should read because the people who own it and the people who work on it love surfing. It sounds ridiculously simple but the only motivation anyone on our team has in making this mag is to stoke people out. We portray surfing in a way that groms, oldies, shredders, mellowers, girls, dudes, hipsters, hippies and weekend warriors can relate to and feel proud about. However you choose to ride waves SW has it covered. We communicate the joy of surfing with intelligence and good humour without undermining it. If I sound like I’m frothing on the mag it’s because I am. I’m genuinely stoked on what we make every month.

2. Tell us about your fondest surfing memories.
A few years ago I got to surf perfect 8 foot waves in Bali with just Bruce and Andy Irons. Nobody else out. When Andy died that session became even more special to me. Then just three days ago I was surfing one foot Scotts Head with Iggy my five year old and he caught and rode his first wave for 200 meters. The magic of surfing is that every day it gives you something new. You don’t even have to be in the water and it can give you moments that'll stoke you your whole life.

3. What’s your favourite word and why?
Mmmmmnnn… I think my favourite word at the moment is Scraperbike. I’m gonna make one this weekend.
4. Who’s your idol and why (it’s okay if we’ve never heard of them – i.e. they’re not famous)?
Idol meaning false God? Good question. I suppose my idol would be Killerwhale our guitarist because he recently survived a 17 hour operation to remove a cancer from inside his head. He isn’t God but I think his recovery has been a miracle and that’s pretty close.
5. With surfing in mind, would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands – why?
If I could have Chimp feet instead of human feet that would be cool because then I could get better grip and make crazy varials or something. And I could peel a banana with my feet which might be a cool party trick.

02 November 2011
Vaughan Blakey
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