Drop the Kindle and smart phone and take in the smell and feel of the printed page. As we all get back into the rhythm of the daily grind, and push notifications, status updates and new emails fill our lives again, we here at the loft have made a resloution to use the time of our daily commute to rekindle (see what we did there?) our love for the printed page. 

As time becomes an ever more precious currency in the digital age the conviencence that a kindle or smart phone affords us has taken away our abilty to claim a moment of solitude and serenity. With a constant watch on the ever declining battery life, which app to check or email and messaging services flashing and beeping our attention is being constantly distracted from emmersing in the novel.

Books also become telling of who we are, the choice of reading material will indicate to others your education and interest. It may inspire conversation with others, reccomendations and possbile connections. While a well worn cover of a book with dog eared pages will indicate a love for the tactile nature of the printed page a the digital alternative limits this interaction with the text and with the wider community withholding vital clues, only that the owner has a certain amount of disposable income.

So do as George does and start turing those pages.


13 January 2014
Shirt Tales
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