Owner of P Johnson Tailors, Patrick is without a doubt one of the most influential gents in the Australian menswear scene - giving it a much needed injection of colour and vibrancy, with Neapolitan sensibilities.


Name: Patrick Johnson

Occupation: Tailor

1. Tie knot of choice: Four in hand but in reverse, we call it a double reversal.

2. Collar spread of choice: I mix it up a fair bit depending on the mood. It is between hard cut aways, rolling button downs and smaller semi cut aways for when I am feeling conservative. I like them all with a very light lining and they have to have character.

3. Best place for a coffee: Paddington Alimentari although we are getting close with our Giotto Rocket at the showroom.

4. Best place for a cocktail: Fratelli Paradiso, I like simple cocktails and people watching, I am a creep like that.

5. One item of clothing you couldn’t live without: Driving shoes

6. Inspiration for your style: That's a tough one because we mostly look outside of clothing for inspiration, otherwise you end up just copying something and that's not progress. We look at a lifestyle more and also colour.

7. Any last words? Be original, never compete and never compare.

Patrick will be taking over our instagram account from Monday 22nd of July till Sunday the 28th. Follow us here or look for the #SydneyMenofStyle 

For a bit more on Patrick, his thoughts on menswear and other tidbits have a watch of this video, from Men In This Town.

Patrick Johnson in Paddington from Men In This Town on Vimeo.

22 July 2013
P Johnson Tailors
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