Following on from our article last month about the extended hours that we now seem to be working, it seems that our weekends are getting even shorter.  With ever-looming deadlines and the conveniences of the laptop and 24-hour accessibility do we ever in fact leave our work? Here is a bold guide to switching off!

1) Pull the plug - a bold move that may leave you anxious about any emails, tweets and updates that you may be missing but trust us you can catch up on Monday. So walk over and pull the plug on that modem. Take a walk in a local park, go for surf or read the paper and get the newsprint on your fingertips.

2) Make a list- create a list of all the things that you would ideally like to do on your weekend. Be it meeting up with friends, going for a run or gardening, and diligently tick these things off as you would any work lists that are lining your desk.

3) Get outdoors - the temptation to check your phone or emails can be overwhelming sometimes when the pressure of work is building up, but get outdoors or to a gallery and give your mind the rest it needs!

4) Make - go to the market and have a chat to the vendors, buy a choice cut of meat and make a 6 hour roast and sides. Buy a great bottle of wine and sit down with friends.

5) Remember - a simpler time, take a footy down to the park and have a kick with a mate, get muddy and get pushed around!



04 October 2013
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