Julian is head tailor at Oscar Hunt and enjoys a coffee from New Day Rising and a coffee from Lily Blacks.

Name: Julian Lichtenstein

Occupation: Tailor

1. Tie knot of choice: The four in hand knot. Simple, asymmetrical, all-round nice guy. Four in the hand’s worth more than a Windsor in the bush.

2. Collar spread of choice: The cutaway. Clean lines, full heart, can’t lose.

3. Best place for a coffee: New Day Rising, Brunswick East. Babes who make a mean macchiato. What more could you ask for?

4. Best place for a cocktail: Lily Blacks, Myer Place. Ask for the Southside. Tastes much more inviting than the location.

5. One item of clothing you couldn’t live without: My Grenson Stanley brogues. Couldn’t live without is quite a strong set of words, however I feel if I didn’t have my brogues I would struggle to breathe in and out and repeat.

6. Inspiration for your style: Rufio, leader of the lost boys, from Hook.

Any last words? Incandescence, celestial, benevolent. All great words.

08 July 2013
Oscar Hunt
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