Mr. Jared Acquaro from A Poor Man's Millions and Beggar Man Thief takes time out of his busy day to answer a few questions.

Name: Jared Acquaro

Occupation: Product Innovation and Retail Floor Manager.

1. Tie knot of choice: Continental (Double four-in-hand).

2. Collar spread of choice:Large Cutaway.

3. Best place for a coffee: Clements South Melbourne.

4. Best place for a cocktail: Eau De Vie.

5. One item of clothing you couldn't live without: Can’t live without a white shirt, you can never have too many! (Ed - We tend to agree).

6. Inspiration for your style: English tailoring the classic type with a purpose and Italian Colour/Flair.

7. Last words: Find the fit for you and let your personality shine through. Be confidant but comfortable!

As part of our Men of Style series Jared will be taking over our Instagram for the week. To catch all the action see here #MelbourneMenOfStyle


11 June 2013
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