In his lifetime, the esteemed Lord Kelvin did some important work. The first to postulate the correct value of absolute zero (-273o Celsius, since then known as 0o Kelvin), the British Baron made pivotal contributions to science that propelled him well into the public eye of his generation. His most important contribution to date (well, for our purposes anyway) is his role as historical namesake for The Kelvin Club, Melbourne’s private members’ club.

Lord Kelvin Tucked down a quiet alleyway just off Russell Street, The Kelvin Club is a little piece of Melbourne’s history. Dating back to 1865, the Club has been taken in a new direction by entrepreneur Jerome Borazio and the Get Notorious team, who are re-establishing it as a food-focused music and cultural hub, playing host to some of Melbourne’s top events. Head Chef, Ian De Olivera, has created a fresh produce-focused menu that, while retaining a traditionally English and French style, is simple and modern. The new menu is complemented by an extensive list of quality beverages compiled by Sommelier Greg Lightfoot. The wine list offers something for every palate and will evolve to include mostly Victorian wines with cameos by some iconic interstate producers. The beer, liquor and cocktail offerings mean that no one is left wanting, with cool classic mixes such as Negroni and Manhattans perfecting The Kelvin Club experience.

As the Club approaches its 150th birthday, Borazio and his team have reinvigorated the membership offerings to entice a new generation. Those with commitment issues may accompany and be signed in to the venue by a Member to enjoy the Club’s uniquely Melbourne experience. So if you ever wanted to take a peek into a classic club, steeped in Melbourne’s rich tradition and history? Join the Club… Lord Kelvin would be so proud.

20 November 2013
The Kelvin Club
Melbourne Pl Melbourne 3000 VIC (03) 9654 5711
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