This Easter, Australians will gorge, guzzle and guffaw to the tune of $2.9 billion – fine food and alcohol, premium chocolate and domestic travel making up the lion’s share of seasonal spending, according to industry researchers, IBISWorld.

IBISWorld General Manager, Ms Karen Dobie, said the average person will spend a whopping $125.34 on Easter-related products and services, marking a 3.4 per cent increase over the same period last year. “The growth in Easter consumer spending will be primarily due to an increase in available leisure time, particularly with the convenient timing of the school holidays.

Many employees will take leave over the three day working week between Easter and Anzac Day to enjoy some time off”, said Ms Dobie. In true Pugnacious George style, Aussies will continue to pour more boutique alcoholic beverages in a sign that the trend towards craft beer, cider and ale, coupled with a finer appreciation of wine, is showing little sign of abating. Collectively, Australia will spend $139.5 million on alcohol across the Easter period, primarily around the dining room table with friends and family – we’re pipped to consume double the amount of alcohol at our gaff than at our local watering hole.

“The growing trend in the appreciation and knowledge of alcohol will spur many Australians to make more sophisticated selections this Easter, with sauvignon blanc, pinot gris, imported wines and craft wheat beers all appearing on the table”, said Ms Dobie. Cider is expected to be one of the core beneficiaries of broadening palates, as a result of a greater interest in beer and wine appreciation, explained Ms Dobie. While we’re on the subject of fine wallop, check out our chat with Verdad, the brains behind Melbourne’s latest micro-brewing venture, here.

Given the greater amount of leisure time this year, we’re also set to load up the Kingswood, depart from white picket fence suburbia and chase the setting sun, as the great Australian road trip makes a comeback.

Despite the eye-wateringly high price of petrol, this is unlikely to deter people from firing up their cars and travelling this Easter. For many, road trips present a more cost-effective option than taking to the sky, with the great Australian road trip still viewed as affordable and enjoyable, especially with a group of chums (George’s preference) or family members. “Scenic Australian drives along the Eastern seaboard, the Great Ocean Road or the Indian Ocean Drive are still high on the bucket list for many Australians.

For families, the school holidays, Easter and Anzac Day period presents the perfect opportunity to embark on such a road trip”, said Ms Dobie. We recommend a trip along the Great Ocean Road, arguably Australia’s most acclaimed stretch of tarmac. Check out surfing capital, Torquay, quaint Anglesea or second-home central, Lorne. Happy Easter!


17 April 2014
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