East Nineth Brewing – the people behind Doss Blockos Pale Larger have just released what we think might just be the new “cider”: Fog City Sangria. The idea behind “Fog City” is inspired by the urban hunter-gatherer movement of San Fransico, whereby people make wine with whatever fruit they could gather from a branch vine.

Made from ripe red wine grapes and blended with natural citrus fruits, this sangria doesn’t fall victim to being overly sweet and artificial (like most pre-mixed drinks do). Overall we thought Fog City Sangria was a rather nice drop, making a pretty decent replacement for fresh made Sangria (just add a few pieces of fresh fruit and no one would know).

East Ninth products are stocked at over 4,000 restaurants, bars and bottle shops around the country, including some of George’s favourites like Chin Chin in Melbourne and Spencer Guthrie in Sydney.

14 June 2013
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