BBQ season is here so which for Australians can only mean one thing, Prawns. The old shrimp on the Barbie is fortunately and unfortunately synonymous with Australian culture, it brings about images of tanned beach babes of the 80s and well… Paul Hogan. George is a big fan of Binchōtan prawns,  which for those who don't know are a traditional charcoal of Japan and dates back to the Edo Period. Binchōtan is made from 100% oak, grown and produced in Tosa, in the Shokoku region of Japan. Here is a quick and easy recipe courtesy of The Chefs Armory who have just opened their new flagship store in Melbourne.

Binchōtan Prawns

Serves:   2 as an entree
Preparation time:   5 minutes
Equipment:   kitchen scissors, konro / Japanese bbq, binchotan charcoal, long bamboo skewers
Cooking time:   2-3 minutes
•    8-10 big green Tiger or King Prawns
•    Salt

1) Slightly trim the tails, whiskers and legs of the prawns with kitchen shears as these will burn off otherwise.

2) Bend the prawn and break the poo-tube near the tail using a skewer.

3) Insert the skewer behind the head and pull out the poo-tube.

4) Rinse prawns, pat dry.

5) Put a skewer up the clacker of each prawn.

6) Roll prawns in salt and set aside in the fridge for at least 15 minutes so the salt penetrates the shell.

7) Grill the prawns on your konro barbeque over high heat until the shell looks crunchy and then turn over. When both sides of the shell are crunchy they’re done.
Serve on a small platter.


Ensure you buy prawns with no black colour in the head, they should also smell fresh like the ocean, not like ammonia

Get the binchotan cranking hot, give it a good 15 minutes after you transfer it to the konro to settle in
Be very careful not to overcook the prawns, they will continue to cook for a short while after being removed from the grill.

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