Inspired by Latin dive bars, Bar Economico is Melbourne’s sh****st bar (we say this in a loving way). Taking up residence in the former location of Der Raum (arguably Melbourne’s best bar) Economico has done away with hanging bottles, cocktail gastronomy and excellent service and instead opted for blue pastel walls, drink tickets, caged service areas and fluorescent lights.

Although served in plastic cups, Economico continues Der Raum’s legacy of serving up top-notch cocktails, which are all made with a fine selection of light and dark rums - hello hangovers! To purchase a beverage you must first buy drink tickets, each costing $5, basic cocktails start at around two drink tickets, while complex cocktails will set you back four. The menu changes from time to time, however when we went Don’s Zombie and the Jamacian Black Strap stood out as the best.

In many ways Der Raum’s transformation into Economico represents the life of the childhood celebrity. Once an ambassador for all things good, wholesome and tasteful and now being snapped stumbling out of night clubs, scantily clad with leaked sex videos appearing on what seems to be a weekly basis. All in all, we’re fans of Economico, it’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s nothing George can’t handle.

09 August 2013
Bar Economico
438 Church St Richmond 3121 VIC
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