A non-descript building in a banal Brisbane street is home to a true beer and food-lover’s paradise. Exotic brews on tap, and boasting a selection of addictive all-time American menu favourites, Tippler’s Tap is worth the trip. But culinary adventurers beware; this is not a place for those who are watching their diet. 

If the idea of exotic beer drawn from the keg, or the chance to sip an unusual bottled brew from somewhere such as Denmark appeals, Tippler’s Tap is a must visit. In something of an odd location, this small bar boasts a range of exciting beer in all forms and tastes. And if the beer is not a drawcard in and of itself, then the menu should entice. Though limited in its eclecticism, the menu does not lack in taste. From hotdogs to chilli fries to that classic dish, buffalo wings, Tippler’s Tap delivers some very tasty, very indulgent Northern American classics.

If talk of a beer bar conjures up images of a German beer hall, you’ll be disappointed. The bar is somewhat odd: the location distant from the CBD, the street semi-suburban, and the bar’s interior a jumble of rooms with no distinct centre. There feels much that is forced in regards to the decor (a decor that attempts something of a homage to the present “Rocky Mountains meets plaid meets beard meets The Decemberists” fad), yet there is also much that seems underdone. So the huge numbers that frequent this place speak of the quality of the beer matched with the taste of the food, not so much any well-executed stylising.

The sole drawback to Tippler’s Tap may be the price of the beer itself; a tad expensive as a small pot drawn from the tap costs about seven dollars. But there is compensation, for the food is cheap. You’re looking at a kilo of buffalo wings, chilli fries and some really, really good onion rings for about thirty dollars; together, these three dishes would feed three or four extremely hungry beer drinkers.

Tippler’s Tap is another of those Brisbane locations that fills quickly, so if you want a table get in early. It also pays to be courageous and to try some of the interesting and exotic beer sourced from local and international brewers. If eating, prepare yourself for a culinary onslaught that can only be described as deep-fried bliss. And do not go home without trying those onion rings which are by far the tastiest incarnation of the onion ever attempted.

It’s great to see Brisbane’s culinary scene at long-last adopt American cuisine, which, aside from one or two other establishments such as Carolina Kitchen, is somewhat lacking. It’s also great to know that small bars such as Tippler’s Tap—establishments that focus on artisan endeavours—are thriving and therefore adding to the city’s ever-growing love of anything small, thoughtful and boutique.        

By Kirril Shields.

Kirril Shields is the former English Editor of Mongolia's UB Post, but is now enjoying a more relaxed climate in Brisbane. He currently writes for a number of magazines to do with design and architecture.

30 May 2013
Tipplerís Tap
22 Masterís Street Newstead 4006 Qld www.tipplerstap.com.au
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