The Pugnacious George office is quiet, a little too quiet... But why? Well it's because everyone is wearing their headphones tapping their toes and doing work (for a change).

The only con to this is that there is no one to listen to George's random rants and frankly he isn't to happy about this. To try get a bit of conversation going George decided to get everyone to list who they are listening to, what kind of music it is and why they like it.

Tunesday will be happening each and every Tuesday in a bid to get people talking to George a bit more.

Here is what we are listening to this week.

Name: Alexandra 

Position: Pretty picture maker

Band/Artist: Y La Bamba

Genre: Acoustic Folk

Why you like it: I'm a big fan of folk, and I stumbled across these guys via the Tender Loving Emipre website. I've listened to their new album, Court the Storm, almost daily for the past few weeks. They're addictive.

Name: Pete

Position: George's verbal punching bag and intern

Band/Artist: Steve Poindexter

Genre: Chicago House

Why I like it: I've been getting into old house records lately and Steve Poindexter’s stuff is pretty incredible. It is really great analogy/drum machine house that gets quite hypnotic. I listen to this sort of stuff when I am doing writing for the journal or ads as I can kind of loose myself a bit   

Name: Tania

Position: Monkey trainer

Band/Artist: Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band

Genre: soul/big band/disco circa '76

Why you like it: I am having a retro moment and this album is the perfect late afternoon, toe tapping pick up to get you through to the end of the day and well you have to love a band with a name that long... I also love the M.I.A version of their song Sunshower off her 2005 album Arular. 

07 May 2012
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