This week Tania is listening to Punk Rock, Pete has finally found a song that has been stuck in his head for months and Alex is getting all f**k the system and listening to Public Enemy.


Artist: Patti Smith
Song: Land
Genre: punk/rock
Why I like it: I am reading Patti Smith's book "Just Kids" so have completely immersed myself in her music (and those that influenced her) over the past week - the book is an amazing portrait of New York in the 70s, artists and friendship.



Artist: Chic
Song: Everybody Dance
Genre: Disco
Why I like it: This song has been in my for a couple of months and I have finally worked out who it is! Now to buy myself a copy...



Artist: Public Enemy
Song: Harder Than You Think
Genre: Hip Hop

Why I like it: If you've been streaming the Paralympics over the last two weeks, you'll recognise this tune as the soundtrack to the fantastic promo created by Channel 4.


11 September 2012
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