Today Pete is on his lonesome with no Tania and Alex in the office. To make for this absences of them Pete has three tracks that he's been listening to the past week.

For anyone who has been following our Tunesday posts, you probably would have guessed I am the resident electronic music fan. As I am on my own this week I thought I would pick out my favourite House tunes from the early 90's and late 80's.

Artist: Funky Green Dogs
Song: Reach for me
Genre: House
Why I like it: This one is from 1991 (I think) and is really cheesy, but in a good way.



Artist: N.Y House'n Authority 
Song: Apt 2a
Genre: House
Why I like it: N.Y House'n authority or aka The Burrel Brothers are seen as the godfathers of deep house, with their pioneering 12" singles on Nu Groove. This one came out between 1988 - 1992 (not 100% sure when). It has a nice early electro bassline and always goes down well.


Artist: Robert Owens
Song: Bring Down the Walls
Genre: House
Why I like it: This one came out in 1987 out on the seminal Trax recordings. I was one year old when this was produced and is still a great record.


04 September 2012
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