It's Tuesday which means it is Tunesday in the Pugnacious George Office. Today we have a selection of African Jazz, Balkan Jazz and slightly offensive and off kilter hip hop. 

Name: Tania

Artist: (I chose a compilation so Various Artists)

Album: Ghana Special: Modern Highlife Afro-Sounds & Ghanian Blues 1968-81Various Artists

Song: 'Akoko Ba' by Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & His Creations.

Genre: African Jazz

Why: A friend suggested this album to me a few years ago and it still gets a fairly high rotation on the ipod- it is probably better weekend/background music and when we had the pop up shop last year in the Nicholas building I think I listened to it everyday.

Name: Pete 

Artist: Earl Sweatshirt

Tune: Earl 

Genre: Hip Hop

Why:The strange lyrics, stuttered flow, odd video clip with bad production. This video isn’t for the faint hearted, but is certainly different.

Name: Alexandra

Artist: Baba Yaga Orkestar

Song: Plutonium Nightclub

Genre: Balkan Jazz & Polkas

Why I like it: This is a live recording from their debut show at Bar 303 a few weeks back. They are toe-tappingly, finger-snappingly, hat-wearingly fantastic.

26 June 2012
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