Mad Men finished this week and we at the George office are truly sad. As such we decided that this week we put a Mad Men theme to everything we do. So welcome to Tunesday - Mad Men Edition.



Artist: Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

Tune: Je t'aime… moi non plus 

Why: Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin "Je t'aime… moi non plus" - the coolest couple ever, the back story on this song  it was originally recorded with Gainsbourg's girlfriend Brigitte Bardot but her husband protested the release of it, he then met Jane in 1968 and recorded it again with her and was released in 1969, the original Bardot version was released in 1986. The song was banned in several countries due to the explicit nature of the song.



Artist: Patsy Cline

Tune: Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray

Genre: Country

Why: This tune reminds me of Betty Francis. Her character takes a lot of flack from internet critics, but I find her intriguing. She had been brought up in the 50's to believe her duty was to be a good (passive, conservative) wife and mother, only to have these values kicked to the curb by women's liberation a decade later. It must have been frustrating for her to witness women from the younger generation, such as Peggy, gain an independence she could only dream of, and also deal with a philandering husband.



Artist: Pink Floyd

Tune: Money

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Why: I chose this tune for a few reasons;

One the song is called Money and advertising is a business that revolves around it and two, it made me think of Rodger taking acid, especially the video clip.

I know this one isn't strictly 60's so maybe it isn't the perfect choice, but it is a good tune none the less.

12 June 2012
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