Yesterday we were treated to a horrible day of music ala Grease Mega Mix (It felt like we were at a wedding). Luckily it's Tunesday today and we have control of the office stereo. 


Name: Alex

Band/Artist: The Fugees

Genre: Rap / Hip Hop

Why I like it: A friend of mine started drunkenly singing Killing me Softly' on the train the other night and I had a a flash back to 1996 and listening to The Fugees' cover on public transport in Auckland. The Score is one of my favourite albums from the 90s and I never tire of it.

Name: Tania

Band/Artist: Jack White's new album Blunderbus

Genre: Blues/Rock

Why I like it: I finally got around to getting some new tunes on my ipod.. after a crap music Monday in our share space, fresh tracks are a welcome relief.

Name: Pete

Artist: Donalds House

Genre: Electronic

Why I like it: Keeping on the same tip as last week this is some really great Melbourne music. Stuck in Your System has an almost angelic sound to it and The Boy and His Strumpet is quite melancholic. 


05 June 2012
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