This week we are listening to Hip Hop, Trip Hop and UK House

Name: Pete

Position: Guy

Band/Artist: Kimbra – Build Up (George Fitzgerald remix)

Genre: House/Bass Music

Why I like it: It is so lush! It gives me little chills down my spine. Have played it out a few times and peoples reaction is great, the melody and Kimbra’s cut up vocals just work so well. You can get this one for free here:-

Name: Tania

Position: Gal

Artist/Band: Portishead - Dummy 

Genre: trip hop of the early 90's kind

Why I like it: This 1994 album is now 18 years old which is giving me a massive freak out that it is that old - probably not the best way to start the morning.. I heard it playing in a cafe the other day.. now rediscovering it again

Name: Alexandra

Position: Gal

Band/Artist: Ladi6

Genre: Hip Hop, Soul, Funk

Why you like it: Fantastic NZ band mixing sexy soul with head-boppin hip hop. 


29 May 2012
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