This week we are listening to Mexican Garage, Proper electro (none of this electro house bolloks!) and London Folk!


Name: Tania

Position: Horse trainer and show jumper for Gandhi

Band/Artist: Laura Marling

Genre: London Folk

Why you like it: Laura Marling's album "A creature I Don't know" I saw her at Laneway festival earlier this year her voice is pretty amazing and I can not believe she is 22!!

Name: Alexandra 

Position: Artistic liaison to the pope

Band/Artist: Puta Madre Brothers

Genre: Mexican Garage

Why you like it: My partner really wanted to see these guys live as part of his birthday celebrations. They blew my mind, and now there is a cactus-shaped hole where my brain used to be.

Name: Pete

Position: Spin master to Mitt Romney

Band/Artist: Girl UNIT

Genre: UK House/Old School electro??

Why I like it: Girl UNIT has been one of my favorite producers for a long time and his new E.P is pretty amazing. This track has an awesome 80's electro type feel to it. It makes me feel like I am watching some bad 80's or early 90's movie... Possibly The Mario Brothers movie.

15 May 2012
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