The Brits tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to good music. Whether it’s The ‘Stones, The Beatles – or even American groups like Kings of Leon and The White Stripes – all of London is singing along to a band’s B sides before the rest of the world even hears of ‘em. So when there was buzz about The Vaccines from over the pond, George made damn sure to get tix straight away. 

Though their gigs were being scalped for upwards of $100 in London, our New York ticket cost 8 big ones at Glasslands, a ramshackle venue in South Williamsburg Brooklyn. With stiff drinks, shitty bathrooms and a solid soundsystem, Glasslands has got more of a garage vibe than concert venue feel…which made it all the more fun to see a legit rock band like The Vaccines wail. 

Shortly before 1am, the British quartet took the stage and tore right into their ra-ra anthem “Wrecking Bar.” It was a high-energy, rapid-fire set from that moment on.  The songs are brief – two minutes at most – but compact with unique arrangements and executed with precision and great gusto. Wrapping a 30-minute set with “Norgaard,” they left the elated crowd wanting more – and that’s how it should be.

Special mention must also be made of Oberhofer, The Vaccines’ support band. Perhaps they’re partially responsible for their headliners’ triumph? Because they got the crowd amped with their catchy, lo-fi tunes. Based in Brooklyn by way of Tacoma Washington, Brad Oberhofer is leading this young but talented band to the big leagues. George has a feeling they’re going to be major.

The Vaccines’ debut album “What Were You Expecting From the Vaccines?” drops May 31. Oberhofer’s 7” “Away From U” is available for order online.


24 January 2011
The Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, 11211 NY 1 718 599 1450
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