Some call it future-pop, others post-dubstep but who cares, SBTRKT’s debut album simply involves a solid set of accessible tunes, best suited to evenings and late nights.  Whilst "Wildfire" is clearly the stand-out track, hence all the radio airplay, others like "Sanctuary" demonstrate a versatile approach to song structure, building towards a climactic finale via catchy beats and harmonic undulations.  It appears SBTRKT is going for anonymity, (in the company of Daft Punk and Burial), performing whole gigs from behind his tribal “ceremonial masks” designed by Hidden Place. Label: "Young Turks". Track: "Wildfire".




23 August 2011
Shirt Tales
The Journal Of Pugnacious George
Discoveries, Musings, Misadventures

We're drinking... Rum Spritzers We're Teaching... How to pack the perfect suitcase We're Wearing... A perfectly styled do