Photographer, art director and fashion enthusiast, Giuseppe Santamaria  has been capturing men in their natural habitat for his acclaimed blog, ‘Men In This Town’,  Since 2010 ,that has garnered a dedicated following for his particular understanding of street style. Giuseppe has produced the first sartorial style book solely for men.

In Men of this Town, Giuseppe, covers five of the most fashionable cities in the world—London, Tokyo, Sydney, Milan and New York—to showcase their unique and stylish inhabitants.

From timeless classic to tailored eccentric, a man’s dress sense speaks volumes about his personality—and the city he lives in. Featuring interviews with the extraordinary men whose distinctive styles cut a fine figure in the world of men’s fashion. Profiling the personal style of Dan Rookwood the Us editior at Mr. Porter and Patrick Johnson closer to home, Men of this town is a a testment to persoanl style and indvidual style of the modern man. 


16 June 2014
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