The sport has made an impressive comeback of late.  It originated in 1880s Britain as an after-dinner parlor game – a little fun for the Upper Class looking to take the edge off – and over the years, it's evolved from rackets made of books and a ball of champagne cork to an Olympic competition replete with specialized equipment and governance.

Go for the gold, by all means, but it's the casual cool we like about table tennis. From Susan Sarandon's SPIN, a chain of ping-pong clubs, to hip Brooklyn bars, the kids are queuing up to play.  Even NOWNESS, one of our favorite sites, is in on the fun, recently featuring a slow-mo homage to the sport starring table tennis champ Sooyeon Lee. "'It's become very trendy,' Lee observes. 'It's sociable, you don't need to be super athletic and it's good for the brain.'"  And stylish as far as we're concerned.

26 September 2011
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